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When it’s time to move on from your current home, there’s always a list of repairs standing in the way of selling for optimal value. Omnee gets you quick quotes, connects you with top-performing local Pros, and ensures that every job gets done efficiently, so you’ll be getting offers in no time!


While a new home is always exciting, it often requires some customized improvements before you can fully settle in. Omnee turns your home goals into reality! With on-demand access to every type of Pro you’ll ever need, you can imagine the perfect plan, and see it come to life from the convenience of your phone.


Your home should be a haven in your busy life. Let Omnee take care of the never-ending jobs on your home to-do list. From regular maintenance and occasional repairs to the largest remodeling projects, you’ll discover how easy and affordable it can be, when you use our innovative home improvement app.


“If leaving our home of 20 years wasn't emotional enough, we had to endure the roller coaster of showings and watching two prior offers fall through. The third deal made it to the home inspection, and the buyers were concerned that the minor issues the inspection revealed might be major ones. With only 36 hours between the time of the home inspection and the deadline for removing the conditions, Omnee was a life saver! I entered the repair jobs that the buyers had concerns about and, within 3 hours, I had quotes for all of them. When the buyers saw that the issues would be much less expensive to repair than they had thought, they removed all conditions and our house was sold. Now I can't wait to put the Omnee app to use in our new home!"

Shari H.


“I just purchased my dream home, with a less than dreamy bathroom. Thanks to Omnee, I was able to get a quote very quickly in order to get a home improvement extension on my mortgage. With only 90 days to complete the renovation, I would have been completely lost without Omnee. Managing my cashflow was easy with a low deposit paid through the app, and the Omnee team was beyond helpful in completing the missing piece to my dream home.”

Mike W.


"We were very impressed with the Omnee app recently. We used it to book a sprinkler job - our sprinkler hose was cut and we needed it fixed as soon as possible because of all the hot weather. Within a few days we had a quote, the job booked and the sprinkler repaired. We were able to communicate directly with the sprinkler company right on the app, and we were so impressed with the service. The invoice showed up on the app, and the process from start to finish was so simple. As seniors, this app will make our lives so much easier. Thank you for this service, Omnee!"

Debbie L.

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A bit about Omnee...

What makes Us Believe we can transform an industry

We've been the Homeowner with the frustrating to-do list of jobs that never get done. We've also been the Contractor serving thousands of unique Homeowners like you. For almost two decades, our leadership team has developed a deep understanding of the many problems that arise throughout the home improvement process.

Fueled with empathy and expertise, we've harnessed massive amounts of localized data, innovative technology and tremendous creative energy to design transformative solutions. We've assembled a growing team of talented people to help build a product and organization that can make our vision a reality.

We envision confident and empowered Homeowners, having the knowledge and tools to improve and maintain their homes without the time, effort, stress and outlandish costs usually required. We also envision professional and trustworthy Pros having the opportunity to grow their businesses, while weeding out the un-professionals.

Every day, we work hard to improve your home improvement experience and drive the industry in a more positive direction. We continue to discover new and better ways to bring accountability and innovation to the industry, one job at a time.

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