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omnee gives you the KNOWLEDGE and tools to get things done, WHEN and how YOU WANT.


With Omnee's groundbreaking service evaluation system, you can choose the very best local Service Provider for you and your home, and do it with total confidence every time.


With Omnee's easy-to-use technology, you can keep Service Providers accountable from start to finish, whether it's a minor maintenance job or a large renovation project.


With the Omnee home improvement experience, you can avoid the stress that everyone else has to deal with, and have more time and energy to simply enjoy your home.

So, how does it work?

how Omnee helps you write your own home improvement story...

Getting started...

After a quick sign-up process, you can set your custom home service preferences, add new or existing projects, gather quotes and most of all, start making well-informed home improvement decisions. It only takes about a minute to start feeling like the total BOSS you are.

Measuring everything...

From the moment you send a quote request, we start tracking and evaluating each Service Provider based on 23 different criteria. Combined with customer feedback, the data is compiled to break down how professional and trustworthy they are. Like a stat sheet is to a sports recruiter or a credit score is to a lender, the OmneeScore is changing the way homeowners like you make decisions.

Staying in control...

With GPS tracking, built-in legal contracts, convenient communication & scheduling tools, and easy photo & document sharing, you can manage your biggest projects like a pro. Combine that with a personalized home maintenance system, and you have everything at your fingertips to bring your home improvement dreams to life and ensure your biggest investment is well taken care of. It's your home, and you'll always have Omnee to help you stay organized and on top of every detail!

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Following a successful beta testing phase in 2019, we compiled all of the user feedback and internal research into what homeowners like you want and need, and we got to work on building a world-class product that has the potential to forever change the way home improvement is done. After almost a year of design and development, we are beyond excited to launch the new - and much improved - full version of the Omnee app, ready for download within just a few weeks.

A bit about Omnee...

What makes Us Believe we can transform an industry?

We've been the homeowner hiring contractors and we've been the contractor serving hundreds of unique homeowners like you. We've also been the general contractor hiring subcontractors. For almost two decades, our leadership team has developed a deep understanding of the root problems holding the home improvement industry captive.

Fueled with a passion for making positive change, we've harnessed our industry knowledge, extensive market research and the power of technology to create transformative solutions. We've assembled a growing team of like-minded and talented people to help build a product and organization that can make our vision a reality.

We envision confident and empowered homeowners like you, having the knowledge and tools to improve and maintain your homes the way you want, without stress. We envision professional and trustworthy home service providers having the opportunity to grow their businesses, while weeding out the unprofessionals.

We believe that the best way to bring this about is through a next-generation marketplace like Omnee. Every day, we work hard to improve your home improvement experience and drive the industry in a more positive direction. If you have ideas for how we can do better than we are today, we want to hear them! What we love even more than good ideas is figuring out how to turn them into useful, real world solutions. Please reach out (contact form below) at any time to connect and share your thoughts with us.

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