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We don't just tell you that our Service Providers are the best in the business...we give you the proof, from start to finish.

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Our technology lets you keep our Service Providers accountable...keeping you in control, every step of the way.

ELITE experience

When you take advantage of this innovative home improvement system, you get the better experience you deserve.

So, how does it work?


Behind the scenes...

Not every dude in his jacked-up truck has earned the right to work in your home. That's why we introduced the groundbreaking Omnee PRO determine which local Service Providers deserve your business.

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With the Omnee App always at your fingertips, you can easily gather quotes from top local Service Providers for anything your home could ever need...on demand. It only takes about 30 seconds to get started.

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With GPS tracking, built-in contracts, live progress updates, convenient communication & scheduling tools, and secure electronic payment - all right inside the Omnee App - you have everything you need to see home improvement dreams come to life (even if that just means taking care of those annoying emergencies or lingering home maintenance issues).

Need a home service?

We'll be expanding our list of services in the days ahead. For now, we've focused on bringing you the essential stuff.
Here are the home service categories currently available (in alphabetical order):

Where are we at?

Omnee is proud to be a western Canadian company! Though we expect to grow well beyond our borders, we're starting right here at home.
Today, we serve our hometown of Saskatoon. Tomorrow (meaning soon), we plan to launch in the city of Calgary.
If you don't call these areas home, rest easy, friends. We'll be bringing you an ELITE home improvement experience ASAP!
Feel free to
reach out and let us know you want us. It's so nice to be wanted! We'll see if there is a way we can still help you with your home improvement stuff, in the meantime.

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