About Omnee

Because it's time

It's time for homeowners like you to avoid the dread, when dealing with home repairs or renovations. It's time you didn't have to ask everyone you know if they can refer a trustworthy home service provider. It's time that you didn't have to wonder if the price was fair or if the job was done right. It's time that you feel in control and not left in the dark.

It's time for homeowners like you to have peace of mind.

At Omnee, we are passionate about creating a better customer experience, from start to finish! No, like seriously passionate!!! It's what our whole business is built on. Through many years of serving customers in the home improvement industry, we have seen and heard countless stories from homeowners just like you who have had negative experiences with contractors, tradespeople and other home service professionals. Frankly, these stories have stirred up some mild anger issues we didn't even know we had! Our therapy has been through channeling these feelings into figuring out the root problem...and then getting to work on solving it!

What we discovered along the way was that, though the problem was pretty easy for us to identify, most of the home service companies that have popped up in the last decade have not solved it. By matching homeowners with service providers online, they have made the process more convenient, for sure. Unfortunately, homeowners are still having the same negative experiences. Convenience is great, but fast food hasn't solved the deeper problems in the food industry, either.

So what's the root problem then? (Get to the point, Omnee!)

Think about the issues you or someone you know may have had with service providers in the past...poor quality work, unfair invoices, unfinished jobs, lack of communication, etc. These issues are not about convenience, they are about a lack of accountability.

We know that accountability is not a sexy word, but it's at the heart of nearly every issue homeowners face. Without accountability, you are often left in a vulnerable and risky position. Translation: It's ****ing stressful!

So, why has no one fixed this problem?

For starters, it takes a lot of industry knowledge, a ton of effort and attention to detail to solve the accountability problem. It also takes innovative technology to do it effectively. Fortunately, hard work, attention to detail and innovative tech is what we're all about at Omnee! As for industry knowledge, we have quite a bit of it! We know it's lame to tell you how much combined experience we have on our team. Instead, we'll just tell you that over the past 15 years, the founding team has owned almost 30 properties, and we have served well over 500 unique customers on more than 1,000 jobs as contractors. This experience has given us the knowledge and confidence that we have needed to attack this problem. We started by designing a comprehensive solution, and then we built it for you! Here's how it works...

It Starts With Great People

We hand-pick a select few of the best local service providers in each category, after they have proven themselves to be top-shelf professionals through our innovative Omnee PRO platform. By doing real jobs in the real world for real builders, general contractors and property managers, we get to discover who the best of the best are, based on real-world performance. We then invite these elite service providers to continue growing their businesses with the opportunity of serving homeowners like you.

The Omnee System

The Omnee system is designed to build a trusted connection and reduce your stress...we've all got enough stress in our lives! Omnee offers innovative tools built right into our mobile app to ensure transparency and accountability from the quoting process through to job completion...


We offer homeowners the ability to easily request multiple quotes at the same time. The process takes less than a minute, and our service providers will respond within the next business day. If the job is an emergency, they will respond within the hour. Quotes are sent right inside the app, and if there are ever changes to be made throughout the course of a job, you will be notified and must approve those changes before work can proceed.


Utilizing a massive database of local industry pricing for each service, Omnee reviews every quote to ensure that they are fair and consistent with local averages. If quotes are too high, we will let you know and give you an explanation. Finally, you can truly know if you are paying a fair price or not!


We require our service providers to document all important information and scheduling through our in-app communication tool, which keeps everyone on the same page at all times. Because nothing can be deleted, it's easy to review what has been discussed so misunderstandings are avoided. Following the advice to "keep everything in writing" is rare in the industry, but with Omnee, it's built right in!


With GPS tracking capability and a check-in/check-out procedure for our service providers, we enable you to monitor their location and hours at any time, while on the job. And while you track our service provider's location, Omnee is keeping track of their timelines. We monitor their response times, quote turnarounds, and specifically how many hours they spend on your job from start to finish. And yes, this is all part of the free service Omnee offers homeowners like you!


Omnee accepts all forms of electronic payment, and we can even accommodate the old school methods of cheque and cash. However, cash payments will never be accepted to avoid the pain of paying the government's share. Come on, those taxes!


The final step in the completion of a job is our mutual rating and review system. Of course, providing a rating and review of your experience is vital in helping your fellow homeowners to make educated choices. In addition, any of our service providers who receive multiple negative reviews will be removed from the Omnee platform. With that in mind, we also have to protect our service providers. That's why we enable them to rate and review homeowners, as well. This mutual system is designed to promote positive connections!

But wait, there's more...

For only three easy payments of $19.99...! No, Omnee is still free, but we're serious that there's more. The more we speak of is behind the scenes (cue the emotional background music). We want you to know that we have your back, always! We watch every job unfold on our end, and if something doesn't go quite right, we'll be there to work it out.

On top of our commitment to excellent customer service, we are constantly working on ways to improve your Omnee experience. Omnee is about you, and if there are ways that we can improve our system to serve you better, we are all ears! Because it's time for homeowners like you to have peace of mind.

Speaking of which, we have now launched a BETA version of the Omnee App for homeowners like you. If you have any repairs you need done or would like quotes for a home project, we invite you to try our app! We will be spending the next couple of months gathering your feedback on how we can improve the Omnee system, so that your needs are truly being met as we move forward. If you would like to be a part of shaping the future of the home improvement industry, download the app now!

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