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A recent Seller's eXperience:

“If leaving our home of 20 years wasn't emotional enough, we had to endure the roller coaster of showings and watching two prior offers fall through. The third deal made it to the home inspection, and the buyers were concerned that the minor issues the inspection revealed might be major ones. With only 36 hours between the time of the home inspection and the deadline for removing the conditions, Omnee was a life saver! I entered the repair jobs that the buyers had concerns about and, within 3 hours, I had quotes for all of them. When the buyers saw that the issues would be much less expensive to repair than they had thought, they removed all conditions and our house was sold. Now I can't wait to put the Omnee app to use in our new home!"

Shari H.

A recent Buyer's eXperience:

“I just purchased my dream home, with a less than dreamy bathroom. Thanks to Omnee, I was able to get a quote very quickly in order to get a home improvement extension on my mortgage. With only 90 days to complete the renovation, I would have been completely lost without Omnee. Managing my cashflow was easy with a low deposit paid through the app, and the Omnee team was beyond helpful in completing the missing piece to my dream home.”

Mike W.

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Whether a Seller is seeking to do some last-minute improvements or a Buyer is starting out needing to do repairs suggested on the inspection report, every home has a never-ending to-do list. The Omnee app was designed to make it easier than ever to get that list done, and stay on top of all future home improvement and maintenance requirements.

Not only that, but Omnee partners exclusively with eXp Agents to create a referral engine to attract future Clients for you. Once your Clients get your referral link, Omnee does the rest. Below you'll discover a few of the many benefits homeowners experience with Omnee...

How it helps Sellers

It takes less than a minute for a homeowner to create a job in the Omnee app. Then, they'll automatically receive a quote for each job, along with a local price comparison. Then, based on the service qualities they value most, they'll be perfectly matched with top-performing local Pros.

Once a job starts, they have free access to time & location tracking, built-in legal contracts, convenient communication & scheduling tools, and easy photo & document sharing to ensure a smooth and efficient process. Sellers can  be ready to list their home for optimal value with much more confidence and less delay. Omnee also has financing solutions available to help Sellers avoid the up-front costs.

How it helps Buyers

The best time to introduce a home improvement solution is right before a homeowner takes possession. Omnee starts them off with a home profile containing important info about their new property. From there, Omnee customizes a maintenance plan, supporting them along the way with the opportunity to hire the best local home service providers, on demand.

From the moment they download the Omnee app, homeowners feel well taken care of and fully in control of their home improvement needs. And they will be constantly reminded that it was you who cared enough to set them up for success.

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