If you have a question we have not addressed below, please contact us so that we can include your question and our response in this list.

R: Nope. If you want a long list of all the companies in each service category to sift through, Omnee is not what you're looking for. We choose only a select few of the best local Service Providers in each category to make it easier for you, and better for the companies who deserve your business. We designed our system so that whichever Omnee Certified Service Provider you choose, it's an excellent choice. It's convenient, of course...but more importantly, it offers you peace of mind!
R: Nope again! We are much more than just a matching service. Some online companies (that may appear similar to Omnee) focus on convenience and pretty much stop there. When you contact matching services, they will assign you a contractor from their list of unidentified contractors. This service can work for people who are willing to risk quality and fair pricing for the sake of ease. Sometimes the gamble pays off, and sometimes it doesn't. While Omnee customers certainly want convenience (we strive to make our platform extremely easy and efficient to use), what they want much more is peace of mind...

We give Homeowners control and freedom to choose. Not only that, we do not expect you to simply "trust" that your expectations are being met (see About Omnee for more details). But, because we so carefully choose the Service Providers we partner with, you will not have a long list to choose from. If a Homeowner wants to hire a Service Provider we have not Certified, they can't do so through Omnee.
R: You choose...unless you don't want to.

We offer you full control...after all, you're the boss! All of our Service Providers and their profiles can easily be found on the Omnee App. Read about their company, take a peek at their photos, and look at their reviews. When you submit your job info, you can specifically request a quote from your favourite(s).

If you don't have the time or you don't want the hassle of picking a Service Provider, we'll make it super easy. While entering your job details, you can request that Omnee assigns a Service Provider for you.

Either way, when you hire an Omnee Certified Service Provider, you're always making a great choice.
R: If you already work with a great Service Provider who is not listed on the App, but you would like to be able to hire them through Omnee, have them get in contact with us to find out what it takes to become Omnee Certified. You can also link them to Omnee Service Providers to start the application process. We are open to working with Service Providers who are as committed as we are to making sure you have an excellent experience EVERY time.
R: The questions we ask applicants come from over 15 years of listening to what Homeowners want to know about the people they are trusting to work in their homes. Then we also have to be sure you are willing to follow our unique system designed to ensure consistent excellence.

If you feel like you shouldn't have to provide customers with things like references or proof of insurance, Omnee isn't for you. We don't expect our customers to blindly trust the promises Service Providers make, that's why we let you prove your claims right from the start. If this level of accountability to a customer makes you uncomfortable, that's a red flag for us...so no, don't even bother.

If you already strive to deliver an exceptional customer experience, then you will know why we need you to go through this process. If you're simply unsure of what the benefits are, take a quick read here: Omnee Service Providers. If you have any specific questions, just hit us up! We'd love to find out more about you and help you understand how we can transform the industry together.
R: You're damn right they can! Omnee exists because we got sick of hearing stories about Service Providers screwing over customers. It seems like as soon as word gets around about one of these clowns, three more take their place. It's sickening to see the amount of money that dishonest and unqualified Service Providers have cost Homeowners, and how much grief they have left in their trail. We are passionate about being the solution...ensuring that this doesn't happen anymore.

Anybody with a set of tools can make big promises, but Omnee is about providing Homeowners with the peace of mind that only comes with the best local Service Providers and a system of accountability for them to follow. The Omnee System allows Service Providers to PROVE that they will provide an exceptional customer experience every step of the way, every time. That doesn't mean that all jobs will go perfectly, but it does mean that all Omnee Certified Service Providers will do everything that is reasonable to make sure you are satisfied. If at any point this is no longer true, we revoke their Certification, remove them from the system, and replace them with a Provider from our waiting list. We can't stress enough how serious we are about this!

On this note, we suggest you be wary of any online marketplace or directory that claims quality assurance, but requires that Service Providers pay to be included. These directories lose money when they remove Service Providers, so their motivation is having as many companies paying fees as possible, regardless of service quality. We know, and you know why that can't work!
R: Not necessarily. There are (at least) SIX reasons why a Service Provider is not on the Omnee App:
1. We already have enough specialists in their category and they are on the waiting list.
2. They are in the process of getting Omnee Certified.
3. They chose not to apply.
4. They applied but did not meet the requirements.
5. We haven't asked them yet.
6. We haven't asked them and never will...because they suck (as Service Providers, not as people) — their poor service is the reason Homeowners feel so vulnerable when they need work done. Ironically, if it wasn't for them, Omnee wouldn't really be needed. Until Homeowners feel confident and in control when dealing with their home renovations and repairs, we'll be here.
R: No! Our number one priority is providing peace of mind for Homeowners. Anything that conflicts with delivering that peace of mind, won't work for us. When Service Providers pay up front to be listed, the listing company profits from them and this creates a conflict of interest...so no matter the quality of the Service Provider, as long as they pay their fees, you'll be able to hire them on these platforms. Instead, Omnee only takes a commission on successfully completed services. Homeowners can rest assured that the only way we make money is by ensuring that every service experience is an exceptional one.
R: All our Service Providers get Omnee Certified by going through a thorough vetting process and then following our system of accountability that is designed to give Homeowners a better experience than has ever been possible. This commitment limits the number of Service Providers for two reasons: 1. We don't make it easy to get—and maintain—Omnee Certification. Many companies are not willing or able to commit to that level of quality assurance. And, 2. We are committed to training, monitoring, and supporting all of our Service Providers, and we will not jeopardize their success by spreading ourselves too thin.

In other words, we aren't saying that every top-notch Service Provider in your city is Omnee Certified, but we ARE saying that every Omnee Service Provider will provide an excellent customer experience EVERY time.
R: To be Omnee Certified, a Service Provider must first go through an in-depth screening process. Once they qualify, they must then be fully trained and commit to following the Omnee System of accountability. This leads us to the next question you might have...
R: The Omnee System is what is special about us...the main ingredient in our secret sauce. It is the unique process that home Service Providers must follow to ensure that Homeowners have complete peace of mind from start to finish. Beyond step-by-step procedures that ensure consistent results, the system also includes innovative technology that makes sure Homeowners are never left in the dark. If you want to learn the details, check out About Omnee.
R: The short answer is, not likely! Now for the longer answer...

While price is always a factor, value is what we are focused on. Selecting a home Service Provider is similar to choosing a restaurant, only with much more long-term impact on your quality of life. You can't compare the prices of fine dining with those of fast food vendors, because what you get will be completely different...so, the real question is, what kind of experience do you want?

When you arrange home services through Omnee, you are working with some of the best Service Providers in your city, and the good ones are rarely the cheapest. It makes sense, the things that give Homeowners peace of mind take time and attention to detail, so they often cost a bit more. We all know the classic statement "You get what you pay for," and with home services, it couldn't be more applicable. If you get a quote that is significantly less than an Omnee Quote, it could be for reasons not obvious up front, such as it being a "starting price" that will become significantly more at invoice time, the use of lower quality materials, less reliable contractors or subcontractors, rushed workmanship, no insurance or warranty, etc. Contractors are also notorious for poor communication, leaving messy jobsites and ignoring safety standards. These issues all impact you in many ways, including financially. You get the point…enough of the negative!

If you would rather pay a fair market price, but also avoid these types of issues, then Omnee is the right fit for you. We work for the Homeowners who would rather know they are getting the best possible service, instead of taking risks just to save a few bucks up front.
R: The Omnee App is free to download and completely free to use. During our current early market phase of testing and making improvements to our technology, we do not charge any fee to our customers. A bit further down the road, we may introduce a nominal fee for each job that allows Omnee to more effectively train and monitor our Service Providers, audit quotes, maintain the Omnee App, and streamline the invoicing and billing process. For now, we will keep it as is...FREE!
R: Home Service Providers spend a lot of time and money on tasks that are extremely necessary, but do not directly make them money. Ask most Service Providers, "What's the worst part about your job?" You will most likely get answers like "All the time-consuming paperwork," "Finding consistent work," "Coming up with accurate quotes," "Invoicing and collecting payment" or "Unreasonable customer expectations." Because Omnee takes many of these time-killing tasks off of their plates, they are able to give us reduced rates on their services and still be more profitable than before. Our quotes are always consistent with average local industry pricing (we have the monthly-updated data to make sure of it), but because our Service Providers are willing to give us a slightly reduced rate, we are able to make a small percentage of each job.

With the Omnee System, everyone benefits: Service Providers spend less time on non-income producing chores, so they can devote much more time doing the work that they are good at. Meanwhile, Homeowners get free access to the peace of mind that comes from using Omnee.
R: This question has been answered in greater detail in the three previous responses, so you may want to scroll up there if you haven't read them already. But here's a quick summary...

Excellence has a price, so the Omnee System does not promise to be the cheapest, it promises fairness and the very best value. Homeowners who use Omnee want the kind of experience that can only come from hiring home Service Providers who are willing to be accountable. Omnee customers don't want the risks or the hassles that come from going with the cheapest option. That being said, we also know that we will not be the highest quote you could find either. We aim to hit the industry average in every category. To see how we protect you from paying too much, check out OmneeAudit on the About Omnee page.
R: We have found that when an emergency happens, many Homeowners are dealing with several things at once, and having to choose a Service Provider is just one more thing to do. It can feel overwhelming. To help relieve their burden, we have hand-selected one Omnee Service Provider who we know can best handle the unique issues of an emergency situation.
R. A referral from a friend remains one of the primary ways people find home Service Providers, and it never hurts to ask around. Usually the most valuable thing you'll learn is who not to hire... this is great information, but still leaves you back where you started.

When you do get a referral, just make sure you find out the things that matter: Will the same company employees work on your job that worked on your friend's? Does the company have adequate insurance? Were there any issues down the road? What is their warranty (and do they honour it)? And, was the price your friend paid reasonable when compared with similar jobs in your city? It can be difficult, because even a previous customer often can't answer some of these questions.

At Omnee, we believe in the power of referrals...our business actually depends on them! This is also why we have built a two-way review process, OmneeRate, but we also know ratings and reviews aren't quite enough. Check out a breakdown of the Omnee System to see more of the reasons you'll be better off with Omnee.
R: Not at all! This is a very common concern for Homeowners, and completely understandable. Omnee's system is facilitated through innovative technology, but ultimately, it's people who get the job done. When you request a quote through our platform, you can absolutely insist on meeting our Service Providers face-to-face prior to approving their quote. In many cases, our professionals will personally need to see what work needs to be done before providing an accurate quote, anyway. Our goal is for you to feel comfortable from start to finish.
R: These youngsters right here...we love and respect our senior citizens! Even if they still prefer a rotary phone 😉, we are only one call away. They only need one number on their fridge for all potential home maintenance, emergencies and home improvement needs, 24/7. Our toll-free number is 1-888-30-OMNEE (1-888-306-6633). As an added feature, we are working to provide senior discounts on some of our services, such as snow removal and other physically demanding tasks. For more information on this, please keep an eye on our website and social media platforms as we roll out these programs in the days ahead.
R: You're not alone. After spending years in the property maintenance and home improvement industries, we've found that so many property owners don't consistently maintain their assets. There is a lot to consider in keeping your home healthy or in making improvements to it. Not to mention, the process can be time-consuming and hiring professionals can be frustrating and very expensive. We have specialized home inspectors (these guys have been around the block more than a few times) who are available to do regular checks on areas in your home that need routine maintenance. Requesting a home checkup is a great place to start to make sure your home stays healthy and to avoid larger repair costs down the road. You will find this service under the inspections category in the Omnee App.
R: Absolutely! Check out how Omnee makes the life of a landlord so much easier...

On the Omnee App, you can add your additional properties to your account and link your tenants to the appropriate property (tenants will never have access to your payment or account information). When a tenant makes a request through the Omnee App, it will come directly to you first. If you approve the request, it will continue on to the appropriate Service Provider to be quoted.

Omnee is a perfect fit for tenants and landlords. Tenants have peace of mind, knowing that if they need a service, it is always readily available. For landlords, you not only retain complete control, but the streamlined process also makes your life so much easier. You can deal with necessary repairs before the situation escalates, and avoiding extra property visits is also a nice bonus!
R: Our first step is to try to avoid the dispute in the first place. With in-app features like OmneeConnect (for communication) and OmneePay (invoicing and billing), everyone stays on the same page and most misunderstandings can be avoided..

That said, we are all humans and even when we act in good faith, sometimes things happen that need some help getting resolved. If a problem arises before the job is complete, and it cannot be resolved directly with the Service Provider, Homeowners can easily contact us through the app, website or by phone (1.888.30.OMNEE).

If a Homeowner has a question regarding price, quality of work, or any other issue once the Service Provider has marked the work as complete, there is a "Not Yet" button (right next to the "Approve" button) that can start the process for working things out. We've been in this business a long time, and accountability is at the core of the Omnee brand. We are confident that every situation has a fair solution, and we resolve any dispute from a framework of respectful Service Providers working for reasonable customers.
R: We work with a leading payment gateway, Stripe, which provides Omnee customers with the highest level of security available. Payment information entered through our App is only stored with the payment company and never with Omnee. As much as we would love to earn that level of trust from you, we totally understand the need for top-notch security in today's marketplace.

In addition, we will never provide our customers' personal information to any third party for any reason. Please see our Privacy Policy for more detail on this. If you would like to discuss this further to gain a better understanding of how we protect your information, please contact us us at any time!
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