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What's Omnee about? (the long version)

why we care about improving home improvement

After more than 15 years in the home improvement industry, Omnee's founding team has had enough! Not of the industry itself, but of the common problems that have gone unsolved for so long. We believe that it's time for homeowners like you to avoid the dread, when dealing with home repairs or renovations. It's time you didn't have to ask everyone you know if they can refer a trustworthy home service provider. It's time that you didn't have to wonder if the price was fair or if the job was done right. It's time that you feel in control and not left in the dark.

It's time for you to have peace of mind.

At Omnee, we are passionate about creating an ELITE experience for you, from start to finish! Like, seriously passionate!!! Over the years, we have seen and heard countless stories from homeowners just like you who have had negative experiences with contractors, tradespeople and other home service professionals. It really started to get old. Frankly, the stories stirred up some mild anger issues we didn't even know we had! Channeling these feelings into figuring out the problems, and then getting to work on solving them...that's been our therapy!

What we discovered along the way was that, though the problems were relatively easy to identify, most of the home service companies that have popped up in the last decade have not solved the biggest one. By matching homeowners with service providers online, they have made the process more convenient, for sure. A few have even helped to educate homeowners to some degree. Unfortunately, people are still having the same negative experiences. Convenience is great, but making it the focus? Just look what that's done to the food industry.

So what's the biggest problem then? (Get to the point, Omnee!)


Think about the issues you or someone you know may have had with service providers in the past...poor quality work, unfair invoices, unfinished jobs, lack of communication, etc. These issues are not about convenience, they are about a lack of accountability.

We know that accountability is not a sexy word, but it's at the heart of nearly every issue homeowners face. Without accountability, you are often left in a vulnerable and risky position. Translation: It's ****ing stressful!

So, why has no one fixed this problem?

For starters, it takes deep industry knowledge, a ton of effort and attention to detail to solve the accountability problem. It also takes innovative technology to do it effectively. Fortunately, hard work, attention to detail and innovative tech is what we're all about at Omnee! As for industry knowledge, we have quite a bit of it. We know it's lame to tell you how much combined experience we have on our team. Instead, we'll just tell you that over the past 15 years, the founding team has owned more than thirty properties, and we've served hundreds of unique customers on over a thousand jobs as contractors. This experience has given us the knowledge and confidence that we need to attack this problem. We started out by designing a comprehensive solution, and then we built it for you. Here's more on how it works...

It has to start with the service providers.

Contractors get a bad rap. Some of it is deserved, and some of it isn't. When there is a rampant lack of accountability in the system, it makes it difficult to deliver excellence, even if that's the genuine goal. Not to mention, when accountability is lacking, it invites "un-professionals" into the industry, stealing opportunity from the real ELITE professionals. At Omnee, we realized that this is precisely where we needed to start attacking the problem. We needed to come up with a way for contractors and other home service professionals to be able to prove that they can consistently deliver excellence, and that they are willing to be accountable.

This led to the conception of our innovative Omnee PRO platform. By monitoring home service providers while they do real jobs for real builders, general contractors and property managers, we get to discover who the best of the best are, based on their real-world performance. Our goal is not to control anyone or collect data to sell. We sincerely want the data to drive the industry upward, so that everyone can have an ELITE home improvement experience.

If you haven't already guessed, we invite the top-performing service providers to continue growing their businesses, with opportunities to serve homeowners like you through the Omnee mobile platform. When you request quotes and hire through Omnee, you can be confident that whichever ELITE service provider you choose will be a great choice! We also give you the same tools as the pros, to effectively keep your chosen service provider accountable from start to finish. Here are some of the tools we put in your hands...

We offer homeowners like you the ability to easily request multiple quotes at the same time. The process takes less than a minute, and our service providers typically respond within the next business day (we keep track of how quickly they respond). If the job is an emergency, they are expected to respond within the hour. Quotes are sent right inside the app, and if there are ever changes to be made throughout the course of a job, you will be notified and must approve those changes before work can proceed.

Utilizing a massive database of local industry pricing for each service, Omnee reviews every quote to ensure that they are fair and consistent with local averages. If quotes are too high, we will notify you with an explanation. Finally, you can truly know if you are paying a fair price or not!

We require our service providers to document all important information and scheduling through our in-app communication tool, which keeps everyone on the same page at all times. Because nothing can be deleted, it's easy to review what has been discussed so misunderstandings are avoided. We also have integrated legal contracts that can be signed with the push of a button. Following the advice to "keep everything in writing" is rare in the industry, but with Omnee, it's built right in!

With GPS tracking capability and a check-in/check-out procedure for our service providers, we enable you to monitor their location and hours at any time, while on the job. And while you track our service provider's location, Omnee is keeping track of their timelines. We monitor their response times, quote turnarounds, and specifically how many hours they spend on your job from start to finish. In the end, all of this data contributes to creating an ELITE home improvement experience.

Omnee accepts all forms of electronic payment through Stripe, the most secure online payment provider available. We can also accommodate the old-school methods of cheque and cash. However, cash payments will never be accepted to avoid the pain of paying the government's share. Come on, now folks...gotta pay those taxes!

The final step in the completion of a job is our comprehensive rating and review system. It's not your grandmother's typical 5 star system. It breaks down your experience into several key categories, and then gives you the option of writing a review. Providing a rating and review of your experience is vital in helping your fellow homeowners to make educated choices. It also affects the final score that Omnee assigns to the job, based primarily on the data we collect. Any of our service providers who receive multiple low scores will be exiled back to the Omnee PRO platform until they earn their way back. With that in mind, we also have to protect our service providers. That's why we enable them to rate and review homeowners, as well. This mutual system is designed to promote positive connections!

But wait, there's more (we warned you there would be a lot of information)...

For only three easy payments of $19.99...!

No, Omnee is FREE, but we're serious that there's more. The more we speak of is the "behind the scenes" kind (cue the emotional background music). We want you to know that we have your back, always! We watch every job unfold on our end, and if something doesn't go quite right, we'll be there to help work it out.

On top of our commitment to excellent customer service, we are constantly working on ways to improve your experience. Omnee is about you, and if there are ways that we can improve our system to serve you better, we are all ears! Because it's time for homeowners like you to have peace of mind.


addressing the most common questions and concerns of our customers

Is Omnee like a matching service between homeowners and contractors?

Nope! We are much more than just a matching service. Some online companies (that may appear similar to Omnee) focus on convenience and stop there. When you use a matching service to get quotes, they will assign you a contractor from their paid list. This service can work for people who are willing to risk quality and fair pricing for the sake of ease. Sometimes the gamble pays off, and sometimes it doesn't. While Omnee customers certainly want convenience, what they want even more is peace of mind. You don't have to simply hope that your expectations are going to be met. You get to choose from a small number of top-performing local service providers, and we give you the tools to keep them accountable from start to finish.

How much does it cost to use Omnee?

Zero dollars. The Omnee system is completely FREE for homeowners like you. Instead, we make money in two ways. First, we charge a small monthly subscription fee for service providers to access the Omnee PRO platform and all of its valuable features. We have made those fees so affordable that even the smallest service business can participate. Then, because of the tremendous value we bring to the entire job process (such as increasing efficiency and opportunity), we also deduct a small share of the service provider’s profit at the end of each successfully completed job. It equals out to far less than the typical marketing budget needed to grow a service business. It’s a no-brainer!

So, how does Omnee make the industry better? It seems a bit like “Big Brother” to me.

We are watching…always watching! No, the truth is, the industry has been broken for a very long time. We dare you to make an extensive list of common industry problems that can’t be traced back to a lack of accountability! A small number of service providers have argued that the Omnee system is taking things too far. We beg to differ. When you hire a service provider, you become their employer for the duration of a job. As their temporary employer, you should have the knowledge and the tools to keep them accountable while they work for you. The Omnee system has been proven to not only greatly increase customer satisfaction, but it has also provided a major boost in efficiency for service providers. Efficiency and customer satisfaction mean more profitability and business growth. ELITE service providers embrace this opportunity to PROVE their trustworthiness and quality. The end goal is peace of mind for you and for the service provider. If we can accomplish that together, we have made the industry better.

What makes Omnee Service Providers "the best"?

Contractors are notorious for claiming to be the best in town. This can create confusion for homeowners like you, when trying to shop for service providers. That’s why we designed the Omnee PRO system. It provides a platform for service providers to actually prove it, one job at a time. It shows us who provides the most consistent communication and punctuality. It reveals the level of customer satisfaction and call-back rates. It also gives us data on efficiency and the fairness of their prices. All of this information settles the argument about who is “the best.” You deserve the best, and so we give you the opportunity to choose from a small number of the top-performing service providers in each home service category.

I already know a quality service provider I would like to hire. How do I use the Omnee system to work with them?

We built you a solution for this! There is an “Exclusive Invitation” option within the Omnee App menu. You can select to invite a service provider to the Omnee platform. This will send your trusted service provider a link to sign up for Omnee PRO and they will then be available to you within their applicable service categories. As soon as they sign up, you can instantly start doing business together and benefit from the increased efficiency, and of course, greater accountability. You can create your own “ELITE home improvement experience” together.

I feel uneasy about sharing my payment details and other personal info. How can I be sure my identity is safe with Omnee?

Totally legit concern! That's why we've chosen to use Stripe, the most secure payment gateway in the industry. This provides Omnee customers with the highest level of security available. Payment information entered through the Omnee app is only stored with the payment company, and never with us. In addition, we will never provide our customers' account information to any third party FOR ANY REASON. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details on this.

How does Omnee deal with disputes between homeowners and service providers?

We encourage law suits...kidding! We have designed the Omnee system to be rich in features (like OmneeConnect for better communication and OmneePay for invoicing and billing) to increase accountability and transparency, keeping everyone on the same page. That way, most misunderstandings can be avoided in the first place. With that said, we are all humans and even when we act in good faith, sometimes things happen that need some help to resolve. If a problem arises before the job is complete, and it can't be resolved directly with the service provider, homeowners can easily contact us through the app, website or by phone (1.888.30.OMNEE).  If a homeowner has a concern regarding price, quality of work, or any other issue once the service provider has marked the job as complete, there is a "Not Yet" button (right next to the "Approve" button) that can start the process of working things out. We've been in this business a long time, and we are confident that every situation has a fair solution. We resolve any dispute from a foundation of mutual transparency and respect.

I own rental property. Is it possible to add additional properties to my Omnee account and give my tenants access?

Totally! In the Omnee app, you can add additional properties to your account and link your tenants to the appropriate property (tenants will never have access to your payment or account information). When a tenant makes a request through the Omnee app, it will come directly to you first. If you approve the request, it will continue on to the appropriate service provider to be quoted. Omnee is a perfect fit for tenants and landlords. Tenants have peace of mind, knowing that if they need a service, it is always readily available. For landlords, you not only retain complete control, but the streamlined process also makes your life so much easier. You can deal with necessary repairs before the problem gets even worse and costs much more to fix. Not to mention the bonus of not having to go the property nearly as often!

I have aging parents that still own and occupy their own home, but they don't use a smartphone. Can they still use Omnee?

These youngsters right here...we love and respect our seniors! Even if they still use a rotary phone 😉, simply put our toll-free number on their fridge and rest assured that if they ever need home maintenance or improvement services, we are one call away. As an added feature, we are working to provide senior discounts on some of our services. For more information on this, please keep an eye on our website and social media platforms as we roll out these programs in the days ahead (we are counting on YOU to keep them informed). By the way, our toll-free number is 1-888-30-OMNEE (1-888-306-6633).

What's up?

After an extensive beta-testing phase throughout 2019 and lots of valuable customer feedback, we are making some HUGE improvements that we can hardly wait for you to experience! In 2020, you'll see a sleeker, more feature-rich Omnee App launching alongside our brand new Omnee PRO service provider platform.

In the meantime, the beta app is still up and running. Feel free to download it and take advantage of the many features already available...just don't get too attached!

Not only that, but in our unending quest to give you the best home improvement experience possible, we are working on some exciting partnerships with select local building material suppliers. Did someone say "exclusive discounts"? More on that in the days ahead!

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