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omnee PRO is all about Getting noticed and getting sh*t done.


Your competitors claim quality work and great service just like you, but Omnee PRO gives you the chance to prove it. When you do, we'll help you stay as busy as you want to be.


With more work comes the need for more qualified help. With Omnee PRO, you can find and hire the very best local subcontractors on demand, based on their proven performance.


Omnee PRO is the time-stretcher tool. Easy-to-use job management features cut out wasted time, which means more cash in your jeans (or whatever pants you prefer).

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What will it cost?

Omnee PRO will cost you zero out-of-pocket bucks. You can use the app as much as you want with your existing customers for FREE. We don't even charge for leads. The only way we make money is when you are actually hired by an Omnee customer. We charge a 5% commission on those jobs...simple as that. If we don't help you grow your business, you don't pay a dime.

Who is it for?

Omnee PRO has been designed by contractors for contractors like us. We know the pain of having to live job-to-job sometimes, and that most of us are better at our trades than we are at paperwork or staying organized. That's why you'll have all the customized features you need to get jobs done efficiently, stay on top of the details, and keep it simple at the same time. From creating and sharing quotes that generate contracts automatically to maintaining accurate scheduling and professional communication, Omnee PRO is what's missing in your toolbox.

Why measure everything?

From the moment you receive a quote request, we start tracking your performance, based on 23 different criteria. Combined with customer feedback, the data is compiled to break down how professional and trustworthy you are compared to your competitors. Like a stat sheet to a sports recruiter or a credit score to a lender, the OmneeScore is changing the way homeowners and general contractors make hiring decisions. This system is designed to rid the industry of undercutting, fly-by-night "unprofessionals", and give PROs like you the respect and opportunity you deserve.

How will it help?

Omnee helps you reach your maximum PROtential (ha!) in every aspect of your business, even the stuff you're not naturally good at. Not to mention, when your customers get a personalized invite to the Omnee app (with your own built-in brand and logo), not only will they be impressed by your legitimacy and use of cutting edge technology, but they'll have an amazing experience. Everything about the app guarantees it. Everyone knows that the industry is headed in this direction, so you'll be right at the forefront. Talk about an instant edge over your competitors...even the big guys.

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-The opportunity to prove your professionalism and quality service, so you can stand out from the competition.

-More profitable jobs coming your way, so you can stay as busy as you want to be.

-The freedom to invite your customers and subs to a better experience, without losing them to the competition.

-The ability to find and hire the best subs, so you can ensure your reputation stays consistent with every job.

-A better way to manage jobs and customers (for FREE), so you can save time and money.

-A user-friendly mobile platform, so you can start using it right away without a steep learning curve.

-Branded app for your customers
-Organized job management workflow
-Simple in-app quote templates
-Auto-generated legal contracts
-Easy-to-use scheduling tool
-Versatile multi-user chat tool
-Quick and easy photo and document sharing
-Location and time tracking for employees/subs
-Auto-generated invoicing

Following a successful beta testing phase in 2019, we compiled all of the user feedback and internal research into what PROs like you want and need, and we got to work on building a world-class product to grow and streamline your business. After almost a year of design and development, we are beyond excited to launch the new - and much improved - full version of the Omnee PRO app, ready for download within just a few weeks.

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