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What is Omnee?

Omnee is a tech company obsessed with delivering exceptional home improvement experiences to homeowners. Unlike the marketplace platforms popping up all over the place, we're actually experienced contractors who partner with top industry professionals to take care of homeowners and their to-do lists. We believe that teamwork and on-going accountability is what will transform the industry and consistently exceed customer expectations.

What is an Omnee Pro?

An Omnee Pro is among a small group of exclusive home service providers committed to maintaining Omnee's high standards of workmanship and professionalism. An Omnee Pro delivers a superior end product, but also cares about how the homeowner feels throughout each job. That's why an Omnee Pro works together with us to provide full accountability to every Omnee customer, no matter the job. An Omnee Pro deserves to grow their business, and we're the perfect partner to help make it happen.

How does Omnee help?

Like most home service providers, your schedule might not always be as full as you'd like. Omnee can help you change that, with our growing community of homeowners looking to hire the best local pros. Top real estate agents, home inspectors, insurance providers and building material retailers introduce their customers to Omnee, trusting us to not only deliver an exceptional home improvement experience initially, but also to maintain a value-driven relationship with each homeowner. Omnee Pros get every job on every home to-do list. At the rate we're growing, that's a lot of jobs!

How do you become an Omnee Pro?

First off, it doesn't cost you any money. On most jobs, it won't even require you to prepare a quote, as a job budget is usually provided by Omnee. What it does cost you is consistent hard work and dedication to serving Omnee's customers. It requires a willingness to adjust to the new way of doing things in our changing industry.

If you have a reputation for professionalism and quality work, and a desire to grow your business, now!

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