What is an Omnee Score and How Will it Help Me Get More Business?

March 2, 2021

The OmneeScore is a rating given to every PRO in the Omnee app. It was created to help solve problems which were identified by high-quality Service Providers and Customers:

Top Contractors complained about crappy Contractors who did things like undercut them on price (only to cut corners or jack the price up after they got the job), or big companies who weren’t very good, but could afford eye-catching advertising that told everyone they were great. 

Customers complained that every Service Provider made them the same promises about things like workmanship, warranty, and timeliness. By the time they found out if the Contractor was any good, it was too late...who could they trust?

In the end, most Customers made their decision based almost entirely on price or name recognition...and many times, they were left disappointed. But now, there’s a better way...

The OmneeScore.

If you’re a good Service Provider, your OmneeScore allows you to prove that you’re awesome by documenting the things that you promised...things you already do!

For example,

Do you provide references?

Do you provide warranty and have insurance?

Do you do high quality work at a fair price?

Do you show up on time and keep to your schedule? 

Do you communicate with your customers promptly?  

Do you maintain professional standards and a clean work site? 

If you do all these things already, you’re a true professional, and you’re well on your way to a high OmneeScore.

Omnee also gives you a few NEW ways to give your Customers a better experience (and boost your OmneeScore):

Quote Response Time - Responding to quote requests quickly helps boost your OmneeScore.

Check-in and Check-out - Use the Omnee PRO app to let your Customers know when you arrive at the jobsite and when you are leaving - this way they’ll know you’re hard at work.

Regular Use of the App - Use Omnee’s Chat and schedule functions to communicate with your customer. Regularly quoting and completing jobs on the app will also boost your OmneeScore. 

How a High OmneeScore Helps You:

A higher OmneeScore will result in more opportunities to quote on jobs because, 

1) Quote requests are sent out to Service Providers based on their OmneeScore

2) When choosing between Contractors, Customers usually choose the quote from the Service Provider with the highest OmneeScore.

The Flip-Side of the OmneeScore: Rating the Customer

Another common complaint of Service Providers are Customers who are impossible to please. Wouldn’t you want to know who these Customers are so you can avoid them? Omnee makes it possible by, first, allowing Service Providers to rate their Customers, and second, by showing you the comments made by previous Contractors about the Customer. 

Think of your last pain-in-the-butt Customer. How much time, money, and stress did they cost you? No matter how you look at it, OmneeScores are good for business!

Will the OmneeScore Help Your Business?

You know your business better than we do, but here’s what we can say:

The OmneeScore was designed to help honest, top notch Service Providers get more work. Fly-by-night Contractors hate it...but the good Contractors love it!