Omnee Service Providers

Omnee Service Providers

Working together to deliver a better customer experience

In an industry where everyone claims quality and trustworthiness, how can professionals who truly deserve that trust stand out? Omnee's system of accountability was designed to give our service providers the perfect platform to prove their quality and trustworthiness to our customers. We have built features into the Omnee App that make doing business so much easier, too! Here are some of them:

  • Omnee service providers receive emergency service and quote requests through App notifications, SMS text messages or via email to ensure that they don't miss anything.
  • We provide a streamlined quoting process that can be done right within the App.
  • We allow service providers to assign employees and track their hours and locations while on the job.
  • We handle the entire invoicing and payment process, providing convenient monthly statements to reduce paper work for our service providers.
  • We built the UBER-style mutual rating and review system to protect our service providers from those rare and special customers who would be best to avoid.

So, how does one become an Omnee Certified service provider?

So glad you asked!!! We have designed a vetting process like no other. Instead of simply gathering bios, references, insurance certificates, and photos of previous work, we decided to think way(yyyy) outside the box...

Why not make the vetting process useful and profitable for all of us?! That way, even those who don't qualify to become Omnee Certified can still benefit!

Introducing Omnee PRO, a mobile platform designed BY contractors FOR contractors…to increase efficiency and profitability for all construction professionals. As business is conducted through this ground-breaking system, we get to discover who the very best service providers are. Then we can truly stand behind our promise to homeowners...offering them the very best local home service providers!

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