Local acts of kindness... in a global crisis.

Nominate a SeniorVolunteer to Shovel

The scoop on ShovelYXE

A safe and affordable winter for saskatoon seniors

ShovelYXE has one simple goal: to make the winter safe and affordable for eligible Senior Citizens in Saskatoon by clearing the snow from their sidewalks and driveways from December 1, 2020-March 31, 2021.

Nominating a Senior...

If you know a Saskatoon Senior who lives in their own home, but finds it challenging to clear the snow from their sidewalk and driveway, nominate them for ShovelYXE!

Omnee will match them with a snow removal team that will take care of them for the season. When you nominate them, however, your job isn't finished. As the nominator, you will use the Omnee app to notify the snow removal team that their services are required. Don't worry...we make it super easy, and you may even have some fun in the process!

Services (paid or free)*...

If a Senior can afford to pay for snow removal services, Omnee has negotiated a great deal for a limited number of Seniors: $500 for the whole season (December 1, 2020 - March 31, 2021). This represents approximately 40% off the average cost for snow removal services in Saskatoon. Without the generosity of our sponsors, this discount would not be possible.

If a Senior cannot afford the above, there is a volunteer option that will provide free snow removal for the season. Although our volunteers are eager to help, the quality and timeliness of their service is not guaranteed.

*Both the discounted and free services are subject to eligibility and availability. When you nominate a Senior, simply indicate if you are applying for the discounted or free services.

Nominate a Senior

Getting Involved...

Do you believe in the ShovelYXE cause? Are you willing to commit to serving a Senior in your community from December 1-March 31?

You can sign up to join a group of volunteers to shovel on a rotation. Or, if you're extra eager to help, you can volunteer to go solo. Either way, your participation is greatly respected and appreciated by your community, the Omnee team, and especially the lucky Senior you're willing to serve.

Volunteer to Shovel

Behind the Scenes...

At Omnee Technologies Corp., a fast-growing home improvement tech company based in Saskatoon, we know that our success is directly tied to the success of the communities we serve. Though we are striving for an international reach for our groundbreaking products in the days ahead, there is no community more important to us than our hometown.

While planning the launch of our new and improved Omnee app for homeowners and Omnee PRO app for home service providers, we dreamed up ShovelYXE. What better way to launch our products than by showing our local community how helpful our innovative technology and motivated team can be? We have been working diligently to organize and implement this initiative, and will continue to do so, as it unfolds in the coming days.

Together, we can show local acts of kindness as we continue to navigate this global crisis.

Nominate a Senior

The Senior must be...
~Over the age of 65
~Located within the city of Saskatoon
~Unable to access resources (financial and/or family/friends) to assist with snow removal
~The primary resident (must not be a landlord)
What to expect as the nominator...
Nominations will be accepted and active as early as December 1st.
~Our resources will only support a limited number of Seniors, and you may be added to a waitlist until a service provider or volunteer becomes available. 
~After your nominee has been selected, you will be emailed a link to download the Omnee app.
~From there, you will need to upload photos of the areas of their property needing to be shoveled, etc.
~Once you’re set-up, the rest is easy -  wait for snow to fall, and when it does, you can request snow removal services right within the app! 
~After you make the request, volunteers/local service providers have 24 hours to clear the agreed-upon area.
~If you have any questions at any time, you can easily get in touch with ShovelYXE admin through the Omnee app.

Nominate a Senior

Volunteer to Shovel

Volunteers must be...
~Physically able
~14 years or older

Volunteer agree to...
~Follow suggested safety tips
~Remove snow and ice from the walkway (wide enough for a wheelchair), sidewalk immediately in front of the residence (and along the side if it is a corner lot), and driveway
~Notify a ShovelYXE coordinator immediately if you are unable to shovel for any reason ([email protected])
~Always respect the resident’s property
~Respect social distancing protocols
~Not accept money from the resident

What to expect as a volunteer...
Whenever possible, volunteers will be matched with individuals who live in the same area of Saskatoon.
~This is considered an “on-call” opportunity and the Senior you are matched with will rely on your continued support throughout the winter season.
~After a snowfall of 3cm or greater, volunteers will have 24 hours to clear the agreed-upon area.
~If volunteering as a group, one member from your group can fill out the Volunteer Form and act as an administrator on the Omnee app.
~Once approved as a volunteer, a link will be sent to download the Omnee app and get started as early as December 1st.

Safety tips...
~You may want to check with your doctor if you have a history of heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, are a smoker or are not routinely active.
~Dress warmly! Remember to cover your hands, nose, ears, and feet with extra layers to keep them warm.
~Push the snow as you shovel - it is easier on your back than lifting
~Do not work to the point of exhaustion. If you run out of breath, be sure to take a break!
~Please do not use the homeowner’s snow blower.
~Read the owner’s manual before using your own snow blower and make sure you have read and understand all of the recommended safety steps/tips.
~Ensure that all people and objects are clear of the way before you begin. Do not aim chute at passing pedestrians or vehicles.
~Keep hands, feet, and clothing away from the snow blower motor.
~Do not leave the snow blower unattended while it is running.

Volunteer to Shovel

The Back Story

we all have an Olive or Lynda in our lives.

The story behind ShovelYXE starts with my own grandmother, Olive. I’ve deeply admired her strength my entire life. Although she now lives in a senior’s residence, she was able to stay in her own home until 2016, when she was 99. She battled cancer several times throughout her 80’s, and if it were not for the helping hands of many wonderful people, she would not have been able to enjoy her home for so long.

Fast forward to late 2018, when Omnee was in the very early stages of development. Lynda, my next-door neighbour, had just lost her husband after nearly 50 years of marriage. Living on her own for the first time in several decades, she was faced with taking care of her property entirely on her own. Being in her 70’s, there are some jobs that she just shouldn’t have to be doing at her age.

It was clear from day one that Omnee had the potential to help senior citizens like my grandmother and Lynda, and I didn’t want to launch our product to the world until we had figured out a plan of action to help. ShovelYXE is the beginning of our plan. It's a way for us youngsters to show our admiration and appreciation for those who have gone before us and impacted our world.

There’s nothing more BOSS than empowering senior citizens to stay in their homes and maintain their life of dignity and independence.

-Dave (Founder/CEO of Omnee)



What are the requirements to become a volunteer?

Volunteers are required to:
~Be 14 years of age or older, and physically able to shovel a reasonable amount of snow
~Have transportation to get to their shovelling location
~Commit to shovelling within 24 hours of a snowfall (3cm or more)
~Be courteous, safe, and respectful at all times
~Communicate any issues to ShovelYXE admin

Are volunteers provided with shovels?

To serve our seniors as quickly as possible, we prefer if volunteers have their own shovels. If a volunteer does not have access to a shovel, however, we don’t want to hold them back from chipping in, so ShovelYXE has some available for use (thank you to our sponsors!)

As a volunteer, what am I committing to?

You’ll be assigned to one location that you’ll be expected to maintain for the entire winter season. If you’re with a group, your group can share the duties and/or add locations.

What should I do if I am unable to complete my shoveling within 24 hours?

Your Senior is counting on you. Uncleared snow is not only a safety hazard, it often keeps Seniors unnecessarily house-bound. For this reason, we strongly encourage volunteers to complete their shoveling within 24 hours. If this is not possible, the volunteer must contact ShovelYXE admin through the Omnee app.

What if I’m going out of town and can’t do my shoveling?

Please contact ShovelYXE admin at least 3 days before you leave and let us know the days you will be unavailable. You can contact us through the Omnee app or by email at [email protected]

There are a few of us who want to volunteer together...how do we apply as a group?

One member of the group fills out the volunteer application form and that person then invites other group members to join within the Omnee app.


Do I need the Omnee app to participate in ShovelYXE?

No, the person who nominates you is the one who will download and use the Omnee app on your behalf. If you wish to participate on the app, you can be added as a participant by the person who nominated you.

I’m on the discounted program...how does payment work?

The cost for the four-month season (December - March) is $500. This represents a savings of approximately 40%, and it can be broken down into four monthly payments of $125. Because specific payment instructions vary depending on the snow removal company, you will be informed of your options once we know which company will be serving you. All invoicing and payment will be settled directly with the service provider. Omnee will not be involved in the billing or payment process for ShovelYXE services.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

First of all, talk to the person who nominated you. Otherwise, you can send us an email at [email protected] or call 1 (888) 306-6633.


What are the requirements for a senior to participate in ShovelYXE?

To participate, the Senior must be: 
~Over the age of 65
~Located within the city of Saskatoon
~Unable to access resources (financial and/or family/friends) to assist with snow removal
~The primary resident of the home (not be a landlord)

After I nominate a Senior, what else do I have to do?

Once the Senior you nominated is accepted into ShovelYXE, you’ll be the one to help us coordinate the snow removal through the Omnee app. We've made it extremely easy for you, and will provide you with instructions if the nomination is approved.

I’m a senior, can I nominate myself?

Yes. Keep in mind, however, that the person who nominates is responsible for downloading the Omnee app and letting us know when snow removal is needed. If you feel unable to do this, we recommend having someone else nominate you.

How often can the Senior expect to have their snow removed?

Both professionals and volunteers will visit their assigned properties after a significant snowfall (more than 3cm). Our expectation is that snow will be removed within 24 hours.

What areas of the property will get cleared?

Normally, snow will only be removed from areas needed to allow for easy entrance and exit from the property. This includes the front walkway, driveway, and the city sidewalk adjacent to property.

I want to nominate a Senior, but I don’t want to be responsible for representing them in the Omnee app. Is there another option?

No. The Omnee app is the easiest and most effective way to ensure that as many Seniors as possible are being served. If you require assistance with the app, please email us at [email protected] or call 1 (888) 306-6633.

If there are more applicants than can be served, how will you choose which seniors will get snow removal done this year?

We do not try to assess levels of need. Qualified nominees will be accepted on a first come, first served basis until all spots are filled. Remaining applicants will be put on a waiting list.

Do I need the Omnee app to participate in the program?

Yes, the Omnee app provides the technical support to keep volunteers and service providers organized. Don’t worry, it’s super easy (and, no, your Senior does NOT need the app)!

How do I download the Omnee app?

Prior to December 1, 2020, when ShovelYXE officially kicks off, you will be emailed a link to download the Omnee app, and it will also be available for Android in the Google Play Store and for iPhone/iPad in the Apple App Store.

How does payment work for the discounted plan?

The cost for the four-month season (December - March) is $500. This represents a savings of approximately 40%, and it can be broken down into four monthly payments of $125. Because specific payment instructions vary depending on the snow removal company, you will be informed of the options once we know which company will be serving your Senior. All invoicing and payment will be settled directly with the service provider. Omnee will not be involved in the billing or payment process for ShovelYXE services.

Will the Senior I nominate be automatically signed up for snow removal the following year?

No. You will need to nominate the Senior again next year.


Who is behind ShovelYXE?

The dedicated team at Omnee! We understand that during the winter months, heavy snowfall can be challenging for many residents, especially Seniors. We are excited to serve the community of Saskatoon and give your loved ones and neighbours the peace of mind they deserve this winter.

Does Omnee make any money off of ShovelYXE?

No. At Omnee, we are passionate about helping Seniors stay in their homes as long as possible. ShovelYXE is designed to be a part of the solution for Seniors, and we are excited to give back to the community of Saskatoon in a meaningful way as we launch our exciting new mobile apps for homeowners and home service providers.

How many spots in each program are available?

Our goal is to serve at least 100 Seniors this year. However, the number of spots will depend on volunteer and professional participation.

What companies will be providing discounted snow removal for Saskatoon Seniors through ShovelYXE?

The full list will be available soon!